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Personal readings, phone and skype.

The main part of my work is as a Medium. It offers a link to loved ones in spirit and gives evidence that there is no death, just a transition into a different time and place. We don't always get the people that we expect coming through but most of the time I am able to contact those special people for you.

Sometimes people have questions or need clarity about current situations, I am able to help people to focus on what they would like to do. I cannot wave a magic wand to improve your life, but I will give YOU the tools to make the changes.

A reading is a very positive experience, no one should ever use a reading to give false information or tell them what to do, nor should they ask you to come on a regular basis.  

These days I do not work as often as I have in the past, so I leave it to spirit to decide who needs my help. If you have been brought to my website, then I take that as a positive sign.  Please don't book a reading without a reason. So many times people say they just thought they would give it a go, or they don't know why they have booked one. I am happy to talk to people that need my help or would like a message from loved ones that have passed to the spirit world. But curiosity is not a reason to want one!

Please telephone on 07757467970 or email me through the contact me page. I do not respond to text messages, as quite often people don't even put their name on. I am an old fashioned type of person and although I live in the real world of technology, manners cost nothing.

The cost of a reading is £45 for an hour. 

I  also offer phone readings and I am currently working on my website to offer Skype readings as well.




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