International Psychic Medium


Personal readings, phone and skype.

The main part of my work is as a Medium. It offers a link to loved ones in spirit and gives evidence that there is no death, just a transition into a different time and place. We don't always get the people that we expect coming through but most of the time I am able to contact those special people for you.

Sometimes people have questions or need clarity about current situations, I am able to help people to focus on what they would like to do. I cannot wave a magic wand to improve your life, but I will give YOU the tools to make the changes.

A reading is a very positive experience, no one should ever use a reading to give false information or tell them what to do, nor should they ask you to come on a regular basis.  

These days I do not work as often as I have in the past, so I leave it to spirit to decide who needs my help. If you have been brought to my website, then I take that as a positive sign that spirit have brought you here.

I ask people to think about why you would like a reading, it may be that you feel particularly drawn to me. Although I know that if you have found my website, spirit has already guided you to me. A reading is most beneficial when there is an anniversary of a passing, a birthday or if you have recently lost someone to the spirit world and find it so hard tocome to terms with losing them, that you need to contact them to gain understanding and connection with them. Mostly, we just want to know that our loved one is okay and at peace.

It could also be that you are just feeling completely at a loss with your life and need to have some guidance about what steps to take next. We all go through times in our lives where we are out of balance and need a bit of insight into what changes we need to make to bring some joy back in our lives. If you have been guided to me, it usually happens because spirit have something they wish to share with you. Readings that serve a purpose rather than those that are simply to fill in time are always far more productive.

I also need to make people aware, not to try not to expect a certain spirit person such as a  relative/friend to come through, although having lost people myself, we always have our favourites. I always do the best I to get a connection with the people that you want to hear from, but sometimes it is not possible, I am avery honest person and I would not like you to think I can guarantee a connection with everyone you would like messages from.  Sometimes I connect to people in spirit that you have forgotten about, or are surprised to hear from, but please, just trust that the best person for your situation will step forward, whoever they are. It could also be that someone from your past wants to give you a message, maybe an old school friend, a neighbour or even somebody that is connect to a friend or even work colleague.

If you would like a reading, then look at the Preparing for your reading page, as it will give you lots of positive information to ensure you have the best reading. It will also explain what happens and what I am capable of and what I am not able to do.

Please telephone on 07757467970 or email me through the contact me page.

The cost of a reading is £45 for an hour.

Love and Blessings

Sally x