International Psychic Medium


I am  able to offer readings via Skype but if you don't have Skype but  have an Iphone and prefer to use FaceTime, then I can do this as well.

This means I can now reach more people all over the world.

Phone readings are really accurate, but for those of you that prefer the face to face contact, Skype and FaceTime are the perfect solution if you are unable to visit me in person.

It doesn't matter what method is used as spirit have no boundaries and in this very technical world it opens up so many possibilities. I have found that the Skype readings are so beneficial and enable me to connect with so many people that are not able to visit me personally.

Please check out the readings page, asit will give you some information about what to expect from a reading.

Onceyou have decided to have a reading, please read through the page PREPARING FOR YOUR READING as it will give you some vital information so that you get the best possible reading ever.

Readings need to be booked via email, to check out availability, but I am usually able to offer you something suitable within a couple of days, sometimes on the same day! Please email me with your mobile number, for FaceTime readings and I will send you an email invitation for Skype.
If you could also let me know where you are in the world and the time difference plus if daytime or evenings are preferred, that will help me enormously when offering you appointments. My email address is

My Skype username is, please do not confuse it with my other email address, which is for you to contact me.

The cost of these readings are £45 and you can use the paypal link to make payment. I regret I am unable to carry out readings unless payment is made first. 

I look forward to linking up with you very soon.

Many Blessings

Sally x